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Bernal Hill selfie. This is why i need a drone.


The Fly - Breakdown


Awesome plane reference and not scary at all.

Presto demonstration at NVIDIA’s GTC conference


FND Films visit Creative Campfire (EP 1) →

Nice job, Ben!


Here is the first episode of Creative Campfire. A project I’ve been working on for a few months.

It will eventually be getting it’s own website but for now I’ll be posting updates on my work blog.

Creative Campfire is a place that allows me to sit down with some hard working, creative people that I find inspiring, to hear about their work and what keeps them motivated.

Let me know what you think.

Construct GTC Trailer

Been interested in learning Modo.

Gold shader WIP.

Gold shader WIP.

Remembering Softimage.  RIP.

Remembering Softimage.  RIP.

Life After Pi

Gareth, you’ve done it. 

Been waiting a long time to see a breakdown like this.  



This make me so happy.  From the wonderful technicians at Meindbender.

Your eyes are fooling you.